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Approvata is a tech consulting and recruiting firm. We help our clients in their digital transformation with the best people and technology in the market.

Tech Talent Recruitment

Tech Consulting and outsourcing, Executive Search and Hunting.

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Technology Consulting

Extended Squad Teams e Cloud Consulting

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About Us

The best professionals in the best companies.

We believe that each person has a talent – waiting to be discovered or sharpened. Talent is what makes a company stand out from the rest. Our mission is to deliver to our partners the best technology experience from the best professionals in the market.

Our Services

People management

"The best professionals in the best companies."
Allocation of Technology Professionals

We contract and allocate the best technology professionals from the most diverse specialties, to guarantee the best result and the lowest turnover, we constantly monitor the evolution and performance of each employee with our partners.

Executive Search

We understand that hiring for strategic and tactical positions has a high impact on an organization, therefore we have a specialized team focused on executive search for the selection and hiring of middle and high technology management professionals.


We use Hunting as a recruitment and selection tool with a unique methodology for technology professionals. Experts in IT for over 20 years, we believe that human talent is behind any organization's success story.


We understand the vacancy's profile and all the necessary skills with our client.


Then, our tech recruiters look for the right professional through a methodology developed by our R&S team.


Selection is based on technical profile, skills and behavioral assessment.


Then, the right candidates are presented to the client within 15 days.

Decision and Proposal

The client decides if the right professional was found or if he needs more candidates.


The client has up to 3 months to replace technical vacancies and 6 months for managerial positions.

Technology Consulting.

Specialized Squads

With specialized squads, we can support our client with expanding the technology area rapidly and flexibly, so that he/she can focus on his/her business. We build, train, and fully manage a personalized and qualified development team according to the needs of each client's project.

Software Quality

We know that the Software Quality Process plays a fundamental role in the success of an organization, it helps to protect the image and revenue, and reduces the cost of the Technology area.
We know how important it is to guarantee the quality of the product with each delivery. simple bug fixes or new features.

We support our partner with our highly qualified quality team.

Test Factory

Test Automation

Expert advice

Cloud Consulting

We deliver a complete Cloud Computing consultancy, we help our clients accelerate the migration to the cloud, quickly bringing value to the business. We carry out the entire migration process according to your business strategy, and we work in the entire process from planning to operation and training of those involved.

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